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The Society of Kunqu Arts, Inc.

Founded in 1995, the Society of Kunqu Arts, Inc. (SKAI) is a non-profit membership organization based in Maryland. Its objectives are to preserve the Chinese cultural heritage of Kunqu, study and advance the art of Kunqu, as well as introduce Kunqu to the local communities.

The Society welcomes anyone interested in Kunqu - literature, music, or stage performance - to join it and/or its workshops. For more information about the Society and its activities, please call (301) 767-1126.


Any support is appreciated. Please send donation to:
Society of Kunqu Arts, Inc.
12366 Herrington Manor Dr.
Silver Spring, MD 20904
Tax Id.: 52-1917199

What does the Society do?


Promote the Kunqu arts through performances, lectures, and demonstrations. The society has successfully presented performances, lectures and demonstrations at, among others, the Smithsonian Institution (DC), National Gallery of Art (DC), University of Maryland (MD), Towson University (MD), Montgomery College (MD), Pace University (NY), Ohio State University (OH), Wittenberg University (OH), Saint Vincent College (PA), and University of California at Berkeley (CA) over the past years

Conduct open to the public workshops and training programs. The Society has been offering regular workshops and training programs on singing, dancing, poetry and ballad recital, instrumental accompaniment, and stage makeup.

Provide communication channel for professional and amateur artists. Through training classes and artistic feedbacks, the society facilitates communication between professional and amateur artists to advance the art of Kunqu.


Develop educational programs. The society has developed special programs for Families with Children from China, Gaithersburg Library, Potomac Elementary School, and numerous Chinese schools. The Society has also assisted in academic researches on Kunqu.

Participate in arts festivals. The society has been active in arts festivals to bring Kunqu closer to local communities.

Work with other arts groups. The society has collaborated with dance, musical, and chorus groups to present the multi-disciplinary Kunqu.

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