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Mei-ti Yue


Ms. Mei-ti Yue, playing the young-man role type of the Kunqu theater, is a distinguished countertenor who has attained the status of 'national treasure' in performing art in China. Blessed with a dazzling androgynous beauty, Ms. Yue's young male scholars are as handsome as they are cultured and refined. Ms. Yue has a clear and sweet voice that is produced with virility and great lung power. Her young men's movements are marked by grace and agility; their expressions and emotions intriguing and exquisite. Thus performing superbly in singing, dancing and acting, Ms. Yue has earned herself the fame of being the foremost performer of the young-man role in the classical Chinese theater. Indeed, hers is a household name to millions of aficionados in and out of China.


A graduate of the prestigious Shanghai Kunqu Academy, Ms. Yue studied with the legendary master of Kunqu and the founder of the Academy, Zhenfei Yu(1904-1995), who also performed the young-man role type. Master Yu considered Ms. Yue one of his most outstanding pupils, and, long before Ms. Yue was graduated from the Academy, predicted that Ms. Yue would one day be a great actor carrying on the finest artistic tradition of Kunqu. Since her graduation, Ms. Yue Meiti has garnered countless top awards for performing art in China.


In Asia, Ms. Yue has been invited many times to perform Kunqu and lecture on the art of Kunqu in Hong Kong and Taiwan since 1987. Ms. Yue had a three-month engagement of performances in England in 1987. She performed in Hawaii, San Francisco, New York, Washington DC and Los Angles in 1987, 1989, 1998, 2000, 2002-2007. Wherever Ms. Yue appeared, she played at sold-out houses to enraptured audiences.

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