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Jing-xian Zhang


Ms. Jing-xian Zhang, a graduate of the Shanghai Kunqu Academy, has performed some of the most challenging roles set to elegant-young-lady role type, and has made an indelible statement in these roles. With a voice of mellow richness and dusky color, Ms. Zhang brings musical incisiveness and great textual vitality to her singing. All these unique qualities have made Ms. Zhang an exemplary artist who is a 'national treasure' in performing art of China.


An indefatigable perfectionist, Ms. Zhang has perfected roles of different tempers and emotions, including that of Tie Shi, an extraordinarily demanding part that is adapted from Lady Macbeth. Indeed, with her poignant portrayal of the dark, complex and murderous lady, Ms. Zhang created a sensation playing the part when she was touring England in 1987. She is, however, equally at home playing women marked by their tender and sweet disposition, as well as grand ladies of the court. Her versatility unchallenged, Ms. Zhang plays all these roles with a concentration of a dramatic power that is both astonishing and affecting.

The winner of countless top acting awards, Ms. Zhang has recorded many CD records of Kunqu that are popular best-sellers in Asia. Since 1987, Ms. Zhang has performed in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, England, and the U.S. all to great critical acclaim.

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