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The Society of Kunqu Arts, Inc.
Founded in 1995, the Society of Kunqu Arts, Inc. (SKAI) is a non-profit membership organization based in Maryland. Its objectives are to preserve the Chinese cultural heritage of Kunqu, study and advance the art of Kunqu, as well as introduce Kunqu to the local communities. » Read article
What Is Special In Kunqu Theater
Kunqu is an almost 500-year-old theater that uniquely blends poetic eloquence, musical refinement and dramatics. It is the first and foremost Chinese performing art. The plots are elaborate poems of high literary quality. All motions and emotions are expressed by the elaborately made up and resplendently robed actors through dancing, singing and acting against a stark background on a bare stage with minimum props. » Read article

SKAI Video Website
SKAI Video Website contains the Youtube videos of the selected kunqu performances of the Society of Kunqu Arts, Inc.

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