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Journey to the West

"Xi You Ji" is related to the most famous Chinese myth, "Journey to the West". It descripted the story about a Buddhist monk Tripitaka and his four disciples travel to the west in search of authentic Buddhist scriptures. The most popular character is one of the disciples, Sun Wukong, the Monkey King. He is a bright but mischievous monkey with magical powers.

Jie Shan (Borrowing the Fan)


En route, their path is blocked by a flaming mountain. Sun Wukong remembers that his sister-in-law, Princess Iron Pan possesses a fan that can put out the fire, the Monkey King decides to pay her a visit. Upon his arrival the Princess is reminded, however, that it was the monkey who forced her ill-mannered son to become a servant of a buddhisatva as punishment. Still angry, Princess Iron Fan refuses to lend Monkey King the fan. So they start to fight. Monkey King has magical powers, Princess can't kill him with swords. She returns to her cave. Princess Iron Fan comes out with the fan and blows Monkey King half-way around the world. But with one somersault, Monkey King bounds back and uses a wind-calming pearl borrowed from Buddha. Now Princess Iron Fan just can't blow him away. So she lend the fan to Monkey King. The flame is soon put out, and the journey continues.

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