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The Bandits of the Marsh

"Shui Hu Ji", written by the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) playwright Xu Zichang, is related the famous novel "Shui Hu Zhuan (The Bandits of the Marsh)".

Yan Poxi, a hetaera of the low-ranking official Song Jiang, has a secret lover, a young scholar named Zhang Wenyuan. When she finds out that Song Jiang is secretly involved with bandits, she threatens to report him to the authorities. Thereupon Song Jiang kills her and escapes to the Marsh.

Huo Zhou (The Death of Zhang Wenyuan)


Yan Poxi's ghost visits her secret lover, Zhang Wenyuan, at midnight. When Zhang realizes that this is the ghost of Yan Poxi, he becomes frightened. But he still finds her attractive. By means of amorous dialogue and gestures, she finally captures Zhangˇ¦s spirit and takes him down to the Netherworld.

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