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The Tragic Killing of Loyalists

"The Tragic Killing of Loyalists" is the story of the dethroned Emperor Jianwen of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). Jianwen's uncle, the King of Yen, usurped the throne and ordered to kill Jianwen and his men. Jianwen disguised himself as a monk and escaped. For a while, he took refuge in the countryside.

Can Du (Witness the Tragic Sight)


While Emperor Jianwen and his escort Cheng Ji run along the countryside they witness the decapitation of his old subjects and the arrest of their families. He also mistakes the sound of a country temple bell to be that of the imperial palace bell and thinks he is back at the palace. After coming back to reality Jianwen sorrowfully takes off with Cheng Ji.

Sou Shan (Searching the Mountain)


Emperor Jianwen and Cheng Ji have been hiding on Mount Hoching for sixteen years. One day Ji accompanies a friend down the mountain. At the same time Yan Zhenzhe, an old subject of Emperor Jianwen, leads a search party to Mount Hoching for the emperor. They capture the emperor, put him in a prison cart, and leave the mountain.

Da Che (Breaking the Prison Cart)


Cheng Ji discovers the capture of Emperor Jianwen upon returning. He catches up with Yan Zhenzhe's troops and scolds them severely. The soldiers are touched by his speech and disperse. Yan Zhenzhe, ashamed and regretful, kills himself. Cheng Ji then breaks the prison cart and rescues Emperor Jianwen. Together they make good their escape.

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