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Interlocked Rings

In the late Han dynasty, a high-ranking official named Dong Zhuo assumed power in the court thanks to his formidable foster son Lu Bu, and tried to make his way to the throne. After Cao Cao made an attempt on Dong's life without success, Minister Wang Yun looked for a solid plot to take down Dong. One evening Wang ran into his domestic songstress Diao Chan, who was also a great beauty. Overhearing Diao pray to the moon for peace and stability of the country, Wang was moved and decided to adopt Diao as his daughter. Wang and Diao then plotted a scheme to pit Lu against Dong. Following the plan, Wang invited Lu to his mansion and summoned Diao to drink with Lu. Seeing Lu fall for Diao, Wang offered Diao's hand to Lu. On the following day, Wang played the same scheme on Dong, which also worked. Wang wasted no time sending Diao to Dong's mansion to serve Dong. As soon as Lu learned that Dong took Diao in, he went to question Wang, who simply blamed it on Dong. One day when Dong fell asleep after drinking, Diao seized the opportunity to meet with Lu and complained about Dong's mistreatment of her as well as Lu's doing nothing about it. When they were talking, Dong woke up. Seeing the intimacy between Lu and Diao, Dong was enraged and ran after Lu for his life. Lu escaped but the broken relationship between the two was not mendable, and Dong eventually met his ends at Lu's hands.

Xiao Yan (The Banquet)


The Banquet is the twentieth act of Lian Huan Ji. Lu went to Wang's to thank for the golden crown that he received as a gift from Wang. Wang asked Lu to stay for dinner and brought in Diao to keep him company. Wang excused himself and left the two alone. However, he came back right at the moment when Lu and Diao were pledging love to each other. Lu in his embarrassment turned to drink for cover-up. Wang pressed Lu for marrying Diao and fixed a date for wedding. Lu hadn't the slightest idea that he was trapped.

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