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Lady White Snake

"Lady White Snake" is one of the most popular folk tales. The episode is the stormy love affair between the loyal heroine Lady White Snake and her emotionally torn husband.

Taking the shapes of two women, White Snake and Green Snake toured on the West Lake. There they met Xu Xian, whom White Snake fell in love with and married shortly. On a May Festival, Xu offered an herb drink to White Snake. Resisting the effect of the herb in vain, White Snake turned back to a snake, which shocked Xu to death. To resurrect Xu, White Snake stole a magic herb from the Magic Mountain. With this herb, she brought Xu back to life. Xu then went to the Jinshan Temple to thank god. There the monk Fa Hai told him that the snake he saw on the May Festival was actually his wife. The frightened Xu was persuaded to stay in the temple. White Snake went to beg Fa to return her husband to her but Fa showed no mercy on her. Desperately, White Snake fought with Fa Hai. Unfortunately, she lost the battle and escaped to the Broken Bridge on the West Lake. A few moments later, Xu also arrived. The couple had a very touching scene on the bridge. Although heart-broken, White Snake still loved Xu. Xu, full of guilty feelings, was struggling between love and fear. After White Snake had given birth to a baby boy, Fa Hai arrived to capture her and put her under a pagoda. White Snake remained there until her son grew up, passed the official examination with high honors, and returned to beg for her release.


Shao Xiang (Praying in the Temple)

After White Snake brought Xu back to life, Xu went to the Jinshan Temple on the riverside to thank god for letting him have a second chance to live.

Shui Dou (The Battle in the Water)


Monk Fa Hai convinced Xu that his wife is a snake and persuaded him to stay at the Jinshan Temple. Learning the betrayal, White Snake and Green Snake went to the temple begging Fa Hai to release Xu, but their pleas were flatly rejected. Desperately, White Snake fought a fierce battle with Fa Hai, joined by all the fishes in the river. Fa Hai defeated the exhausted and pregnant White Snake in the end.

Duan Qiao (The Broken Bridge)


The scene opens with the exhausted and pregnant Lady White Snake coming to a reunion with Green. They lost each other during the fierce battle with Fa Hai, a monk, to whom she had pled to have her husband Xu Xian returned. While White Snake and Green Snake were resting by the Broken Bridge, Xu arrived. After a struggle, Xu expressed his deepest apology. White Snake forgave him and the two made up.

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