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The Legend of A Sword

The well-known Chinese novel "The Water Margin" is a collection of stories about the 108 fugitives taking refuge in a marshland at Liang Mountain in the final years of the Northern Song dynasty (960-1127). Being victims of corruption, oppression, and injustice, these fugitives fought against the real criminals, the officials who manipulated the law for their own advantage. The tales make wonderful operas, of which "The Legend of A Sword" is one. "The Legend of A Sword" tells the story of Ling Chong, who was a military instructor falsely accused of a crime and pursued by hundreds of soldiers. Fleeing for his life, Ling Chong had no place to go but the marsh at Liang Mountain.


Ye Ben (The Night Flight)

Fighting with a snowstorm and pursued by hundreds of soldiers, Ling Chong made the difficult journey to Liang Mountain at night. He sang of his despair and agony. The Night Flight is regarded a great challenge to a performer as it demands difficult, dramatic singing and physical skill.

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