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The Princess Floret

"Bai Hua Ji", also entitled "The Phoenix Mountain", is a play written in the late Ming dynasty (1368-1644). The story is centered around the Prince of Anxi's daughter Princess Floret. The beautiful princess is also a fierce warrior. She assists her father in plotting a coup d'etat. Somehow, the emperor learns about the plot and sends Hai Jun to the palace of Anxi to spy on the Prince. Without knowing Hai's true identity, the Prince appoints him to a high position. Feeling intimidated, Trumpet, the Chief of Staff at the Anxi palace, schemes to have Hai killed by the Princess Floret. Against Trumpet's expectation, the princess falls in love with Hai when she meets him, and consequently she gives her hand to him. Later on, Hai helps the emperor to crash the Prince's coup attempt.

Zeng Jian (Bestowing a Sword)


Trumpet, the Chief of Staff at the Anxi palace, gets Hai drunk, carries him to the princess' chamber and lays him down in the princess' bed when she is out. Trumpet's scheme is to infuriate the princess and therefor have Hai executed. It turns out that the princess' maid Jiang Huayou recognizes Hai as her long separated brother and hides him under a table. When the princess comes back and finds Hai, she wants to kill him. After finding out that Hai is a newly appointed staff officer, she begins to admire him. Sensing the delicacy of the situation, Jiang slips out of the room and leaves the couple to each other. The princess has no choice but to see Hai off by herself. After taking his leave, Hai figures that the princess may have affection for him and goes back just in time to hear the princess' revelation of her feelings. The two expresses their love to each other. The princess gives Hai a sword as a token of love.

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